Being Prepared in the Event of a Pet Emergency

Many pet owners will never have to face the worry of a pet emergency. Unfortunately, those that do may lose their animals if they are not able to find veterinary services quickly. Too often pets become ill or injured when their regular vet office is closed. An answering service may be able to relay messages to the veterinarian in charge, but the delay in help could be deadly for the pet. This is why every pet owner should know where their local 24 Hour Animal Hospital is located and the animal hospital be prepared to use these services when needed.

Just like a human emergency room, animal hospitals are staffed with skilled professionals who can assist with emergency calls. The hospitals include on-site laboratory services, surgical care and x-ray technology to make diagnosing and treating their patients faster and easier. The animals who are brought to this type of clinic do not need to have appointments or have been seen at the hospital prior to their emergency. They are often even be equipped with emergency generators if the problem occurs during a local weather emergency or basic power outage.


The benefits are not just that they can save the life of a pet, but that they can help to alleviate their suffering as well. A dog with a broken leg or a cat with a flu-like illness may be able to survive until the next morning, but will be uncomfortable and afraid during their whole ordeal. With the help of 24-hour vets, the owner can get the answers they need and the pet can get some relief and rest. Once they have been able to receive the emergency treatment, they will be able to be relaxed and protected until they can follow-up with their regular vet during normal office hours.

Pets rely on their owners to care for them whenever needed. Knowing where to find a nearby animal hospital will ensure that each pet is cared for even in the most dire of circumstances. Many pets will never need this type of care. However, the number of pets who do is large enough for it to be a real concern. Always keep a pet first aid kit on hand, know how to provide basic emergency care to a pet in distress and be prepared for additional assistance. Visit to see what is available locally, to learn more about what they do and to get the contact information that should be kept with all other emergency numbers.